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After living and working on the West Coast for a couple of decades, we moved back to Baltimore in the Winter of 2006. We found we had a problem...
Our families, friends, and associates had a difficult time figuring out what Baltimore neighborhood we'd moved to. We had a more difficult time trying to explain where we live now and why we're enjoying it so much here in Baltimore 21201.

Our friends would look up Baltimore and find all the great neighborhood association websites and ask:
"So, do you live in a place like Bolton Hill?"
     "Uh, no. That's northwest of downtown. But, we walk there."

"Is it like Butcher's Hill? That area looks cool. Lots of artists."
     "No, it's not like that. Butcher's Hill is east of where we live."
"I found photos of a neighborhood called Roland Park online. It looks beautiful."
     "That's just a few minutes north of us and it IS beautiful."

"Are you around those amazing row houses in Federal Hill?"
     "That's south of where we live. We go there often..."

And so it went until someone finally asked the critical, probing question:
"What is your neighborhood actually like? I just can't figure it out."

I said, "Many of the buildings are high-rise. Our front door leads out to Charles Street; it's very European. Many of the three and four story business buildings were built well over 200 years ago. It's outstanding.

There's always something going on. It's like theatre outside - every now and then a blimp flies by our windows. It's Baltimore's... uh...uh..."
And then, Jacob added the key phrase: "...Vertical Neighborhood! It's The Vertical Neighborhood!"
Baltimore21201.Com was born and named, at least for us.
What we are attempting to do is create, keep, and archive a source for all things 21201. As you look around and discover that we've missed something, someplace, or someone that should be included here... let us know. When you do, let us know about you. Personal stories about Baltimore's city center will make this website sing our city's praises.
Your input will keep this website growing and current. We hope you will help us tell others about our neighborhood: Baltimore 21201.

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